Beautiful Jewelry in Silver and Copper

Beautiful Jewelry in Silver and Copper
Beautiful Jewelry in Silver and Coper

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Summer is almost gone...

Summer is almost gone and fall is almost here!! I love fall. I loved it more when I lived in Philadelphia and the trees changed colors. I loved the smell of Halloween. Yes it has a smell. Fall and winter in Arizona is not as exciting. Everything dies and the entire landscape looks bare. The animals move into the mountains and there is little life.

The saddest part about summer ending is that my carnivorous plants will go into hibernation until next spring. They will look their best in the next month or so. I feel bad because I feel like they have been ignored this year due to the new house.

This morning I took photos of my carnivorous plants to preserve their beauty until next year.

This hawk was eyeballing a poor defenseless bunny in our front yard.

The hawk in mid flight. The bunny was unharmed!

My entire collection of perennial carnivorous plants. These guys stay outside all year long. In winter they go dormant and then spring back to life when the weather gets warmer.

I never had any luck growing venus fly traps and gave up purchasing them this year. Then low and behold the ones I had last year came back better then ever! These have to be my most impressive plant in my collection this year!

This sundew was given to me by Kerry Kate two years ago and it is thriving! It died, came back, and had to be thinned out twice!

My scarlet belle pitcher plant and some sundews I rescued from Lowes!

Two members of the purple pitcher plant family. These are by far my favorite type of pitcher plant!

A pitcher plant I saved from Lowes. I don't know the kind but I love the color! They will be at their prettiest in a month or so!

Another pitcher plant. Not sure of the name. I love the white and red veins! So pretty!

This is a holiday weekend and the ghost tours are crazy busy! Holiday weekends are always more work for us, but we don't mind.

I am putting more items into my SALE section on my etsy store this weekend, so check back there! Also the current items in my SALE section will be moved out this afternoon and taken to the Source Within on Main St. in Old Bisbee!

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