Beautiful Jewelry in Silver and Copper

Beautiful Jewelry in Silver and Copper
Beautiful Jewelry in Silver and Coper

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Happy July


I have been busy! Busy busy busy! My normal (if you can call anything I do normal) job is keeping me on my toes. In fact I have way too much to do and it is a bit overwhelming.
We are redoing the top of our hearse, which you wouldn't think is artsy fartsy, but it kind of is. It reminds me of college projects. Having to sand, prime, paint, add glitter! It is all too familiar. Luckily we have cool friends who help us with advice and know more about hearses then we do!

Look at me getting all down and dirty with the rust on our hearse. Take that you rust!

So to help pay for the overwhelming costs of having a hearse I decided to have a HUGE etsy shop sale. I have had some of my pieces sitting for too long. Time to find them a new home!

If you use the code JULYSALE at the time of checkout you will receive 40% off your purchase!

In other news we had a huge turnout for our Fairy Fun Days July 4th weekend. It was so huge we ran out of fairy wings. We had to order more from the fairy folk and hopefully they will be delivered to us this week. We decided to hold the next Fairy Fun Days Labor Day Weekend. I can't wait. It was so much fun!

So we decided to add Pirate Days the weekend of August 13th & 14th to give little boys something to do. Girls have fairies boys have pirates. Bisbee is doing a huge pirate themed weekend which is arrrrrrsome! Who does not love pirates! There are still treasure maps to make and treasure to find. Mwah ha ha.

All info on the events can be found HERE.

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