Beautiful Jewelry in Silver and Copper

Beautiful Jewelry in Silver and Copper
Beautiful Jewelry in Silver and Coper

Friday, March 18, 2011

Spring and Creativity

I have been in a blah type of creative mood lately. Maybe it is because it is spring break the the ghost tours have been unbelievably busy. Or maybe it is because I am in a rut.

It is so warm and spring is starting to show its face with little buds and plants sprouting out from the winter's ground. Except half of my bushes and trees died during the hard freeze we had. Our house looks like something out of a Halloween book. Dead trees and naked bushes. It is a bit depressing. My carnivorous plant garden isn't showing any signs of life either and I am a bit worried.

I built myself a raised garden. It really wasn't for me, but for my gnomes. They were upset at their first location by the side of the house, so I built them a flower bed in the front yard, around a tree that amazingly enough has some green buds sprouting from its branches. It was my creative endeavor of the week. The pink deer is named Pinky. I bought him at a thrift store, painted him pink and gave him glittery antlers. He is a much happier deer now!

My rut is not very productive. I don't want to make any jewelry. The thought of going into my studio makes my shoulders sag. I see other artists posting their work on their blogs and Facebook and it makes me a bit depressed. I can't find my inspiration in this brown ugly part of the world I live in. I need to see green. I need colors. I need to see water. Living in the desert is not the most inspirational place to be. It is a bit depressing, and will be until summer when the monsoons come to visit us.

So if you can please send thoughts for wildly imaginative inspiration my way.


  1. I've sort of had the blahs myself. I have been thinking you've been quiet lately. Here's hoping our muses will soon be upon us again soon!

  2. this is so fun! i think i need to add a few more little characters to my garden this year!

    i'm positive we'll have a ton of fun creating together in class :)


  3. Amy: Thank you! Even though I am against PMC I think your new work looks great!

    Juliette: Thank you. I can't wait for the seeds to start sprouting so that the gnomes have some shelter from the hot AZ sun! I can't wait for class. I need a distraction.