Beautiful Jewelry in Silver and Copper

Beautiful Jewelry in Silver and Copper
Beautiful Jewelry in Silver and Coper

Friday, September 16, 2011

Halloween Time

The stores are starting to get all their Halloween goodies in. The air is getting a bit of a chill (yes even here in S. Arizona). Usually by this time of the year my costume has already been designed and made. Halloween jewelry for my shop has been made and listed. The bins and bins of Halloween decorations (the ones that are not out all year round) have been rummaged through and the best decorations have been picked to be put out on Oct. 1st.

Yet this year I have not done any of the above.

I have tried really hard to work on some batty earrings, candy corn rings, graveyard & jack o lantern necklaces, yet for some reason I am not feeling it.

I have not even decided what to be for Halloween this year. I could simply pull out a costume from my 5 huge costume bins, but what fun would that be?

The bins of Halloween decorations have been organized, but not gone through.

I'm just not in the Halloween spirit this year and it depresses me more then you know. It is my favorite time of the year, my favorite holiday, my favorite everything, yet I can't seem to get myself out of this funk and get myself ready for the big day.


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  1. Hey Nay,
    I'm sending you the good vibes of the Spirit World and wishing you out of your funk. Been there, done that myself...know it's not fun. Hang in there, girl...this too shall pass.
    And if you think it'll help I'll let you borrow my witches' broom. I have it hanging here on the wall in front of me. Thanks again for selling it to my hubby & sister last time we were there!
    Blessings, Sister Very Catty