Beautiful Jewelry in Silver and Copper

Beautiful Jewelry in Silver and Copper
Beautiful Jewelry in Silver and Coper

Friday, January 28, 2011

Skip This Post if You Don't Like Poop or if You Just Ate!

My birthday was spent at the doctor's office.

Long story short I have to get a colonoscopy even though the doc said that he doesn't think there is anything wrong. FUN FUN JOY JOY!
I know this is a normal procedure and most people have to do it at least once if not yearly, but I am 33 and it seems a bit premature.
Now being put under and having a probe stuck into my colon does not bother me as much as the ritual leading up to this!
I have to collect samples of my poop. Yummy! How do I do this? It is too gross for me to even think about! It does involve a sterile bowl that I have to place in my toilet and little containers (pet owners who have had to collect stool samples are familiar with this) that I need to fill up. Each container needs 3 separate samples.
And that is not the worst part! The worst part is that the week leading up to the procedure I am only allowed to eat certain foods. I am the world pickiest eater (I am a racist eater, I only eat white food) and limiting my food intake is going to be very difficult and make me super dooper cranky!
Then I have to fast for 24 hours. I am however allowed to drink and eat jello as long as whatever I drink of the jello I eat are not red, purple or orange. Lime and Lemon flavored jello = yuck! Not to mention that I also have to take a laxative to (as the nurse put it) clean out my system.

Is it me or is this torture? I have had kidney stones, surgeries, and other procedures done and none have had this type of torturous preparations!

So I needless to say walked out of the doc's office crying, my husband trying not to laugh. It just seems so unnecessary especially when the doc does not think there is anything wrong!!

Because I was so extremely upset hubby took me to the mall after my doc's appointment. I was so upset I couldn't find anything at H&M to buy (someone should take my temperature)!

I did however make a Build A Bear, but it was an owl not a bear. I named him Hoot Hoot. I love Owls! I love them so much!

Stopped off at a dive shop to pick up information on dive classes.

We went to the Disney Store and I got some reusable Alice in Wonderland bags and 2 Vinalnations (if you don't know what these are google them! So much fun! Especially if you are a Disney freak like Peter and myself).

We had lunch at the Cheesecake Factory (memories of Pasadena and how much I miss having that place on the corner).

We then went to the Museum of Miniatures in Tucson which was too cool! They had an entire section on haunted miniature houses and it made me want to finish the one I started 3 years ago. Maybe I will do that this summer...just add it onto the list of projects I have.

Afterwords we went to Micheal's so I could get supplies for my online painting class which I am enjoying greatly! And we stopped by Barnes and Noble where I purchased a book on Gypsy Rose Lee.

That was my Birthday in a nutshell.


  1. Amy's absolutely right...find another doctor, get a second opinion. I have had friends who've had to have that test and none ever had to do anything like what you've described...except drink some icky stuff. Seems weird that if general opinion is 'nothing's wrong', then why put you thru all that? $$$$$$$...I'm just sayin'!