Beautiful Jewelry in Silver and Copper

Beautiful Jewelry in Silver and Copper
Beautiful Jewelry in Silver and Coper

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Studio & Soul Cleaning

The past few weeks have been tough. Not so much bad or sad, just hard.

I decided the other day it was time to do some cleaning in my studio. Cleaning somehow helps clean out the cobwebs in my mind and soul sometimes.
So as I was cleaning my studio I was thinking about the future. Thinking about how good it is going to be. Thinking about how up until now everything was just practice. Now I am ready to live my life the way I am suppose to live it.

The way I am going to live my life is going to be full of love, creativity and happiness. End of story. Those who get in the way or try to take any of those three things away will immediately be voted off my island!

So yesterday I cleaned, cleaned, cleaned and then cleaned my studio some more.

Today I went into my studio, without knowing what I wanted to make. I took out some Halloween crafty supplies and started having fun. Letting my mind wander and my creativity flow.

After a while I was looking at a beautiful candle. I couldn't stop, so I made two more.

It wasn't until the flies started bugging me that I stopped.

How wonderful it felt. How freeing. How fun!

Everything is going to be great. I can tell.
Hopefully within the next couple of weeks I will start working on my jewelry again. I think it is almost time!

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