Beautiful Jewelry in Silver and Copper

Beautiful Jewelry in Silver and Copper
Beautiful Jewelry in Silver and Coper

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


I am exhausted! Absolutely and totally exhausted!

I took Leah to the airport last week. On the way we stopped by the new aquarium that just opened in Phoenix. There is noting in this world I love more then the ocean, beach and educating myself about marine life.

These jellies were so inspiring, and got my creative juices flowing! Though I have had no time to go into my studio since returning from the aquarium.

The day Leah left, my parents arrived. They packed up their house in Philly, sold it to my sister and moved a half hour away to Hereford.

My bathroom still has a wall missing, and hopefully today my friend Moses will be coming over to help me build a frame for the wall and help me put up the dry wall. After that is completed I will be able to tile the walls. Once that is finished we can hook up the sink, bathtub and toilet. Though in all honesty I would much prefer my bathroom not have a toilet. Toilets are gross and I don't want to be luxuriating in my tub and have to look over and see the crapper right there. But then again I guess the resale value of a home goes down if only one of the bathrooms actually has a toilet in it.

The other issue we have been dealing with is with our cat Spooky/Marshmallow/Snow Drop.Yes the cat has three names. Why? Well I named her Spooky because when she was given to us she was all white with these striking blue eyes. Because my night job is being Ghost Host extraordinaire, I thought it only appropriate to name her Spooky since she was white like a ghost.

My husband on the other hand thought that she would live up to this name, and she has. She get spooked so easily. Scared of us walking into the room. Scared of strangers who come over. Scared of her own shadow. She was not like this until we moved into our house. So he started calling her Marshmallow. Which was a cute name. He hoped that this would make her more affectionate, more cuddly. Didn't work.

So before the Burton Alice in Wonderland movie came out, every night before going to bed my husband would read to me chapters from Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass. Snowdrop was the name of Alice's kitty in Through the Looking Glass. So I thought that Spooky/Marshmallow was white like a snow flake, so why not name her that instead. Didn't work. So now the poor thing had three names!

Now the main issue with Spooky/Marshmallow/Snowdrop is that she has been picking inappropriate places to urinate. Last week I had to throw away about two dozen books because she chose to use them as her litter box.

I decided to take her to the vet. They checked for a urinary track infection, but it came up negative. Their only conclusion was that it was a behavior problem. They recommended that we get all new litter boxes, seclude her from the rest of the cats in a room with just her a few toys, food and water and her litter box. Do you know how hard this was?


We put her in our back sun room. It has a screen door to the family room so she could still have the other cats visit, but they could not go inside the room. It also has two glass doors that look out onto our backyard. So she could see the birdies.

Poor thing was lonely and afraid the entire time.

After two days she was using her liter box and we decided to let her out back into the house.

So accidents!!

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