Beautiful Jewelry in Silver and Copper

Beautiful Jewelry in Silver and Copper
Beautiful Jewelry in Silver and Coper

Monday, August 9, 2010

Other Stuff...

If I don't keep my hands busy I go nuts! I do more then just make jewelry. I make all sorts of things. Most of which are for sale at The Source Within. A metaphysical shop located in beautiful downtown Old Bisbee.

The owners are fabulous folks and allow me to sell my matter how strange or weird!

Good Luck Birds

I call these my good luck birds. They are made out of old bottle caps, tin containers, and odds and ends found around my studio. They have cute copper legs and hooks on the back. Some people have worn them in their hair, others have hung them on their holiday trees. My mother attached hers to the fridge. They are so adorable. I <3 them!

Happy Skulls & Beaded Jewelry

My beaded jewelry...and the fun and funky Happy Skull Hair Accessories! They are made from felt and can be worn in your hair, or clip them to a tank or hat. They are so much fun when I wear mine I can't walk down the street without getting stopped and complimented on them. Sometimes I wear mine just so strangers will talk to me :)

Octopuses & Wet Felted Scarflettes

I am a bit obsessed with Octopuses. So I challenged myself to make some in plush form. My major in college was Toy Design, so I thought this would be easy. They turned out so well, with little button eyes that I decided to sell them. What was I going to do with a dozen Octopi anyways?

I also taught myself how to wet felt last winter. So much fun! A little bit messy as well. Water went everywhere! I made these little scarflettes. Funny thing, and something I didn't realize when I made them was that in AZ people don't really need scarfs all that often. Haha. I enjoyed making them anyways!

If you look in the lower right corner of the photo you will notice my Ghosts in a Bottle. These little guys take me forever to catch and stuff into the vintage bottles. But when I am successful they liter the store and guests love to look at them!

Roach Hair Barrettes

And my most favorite are my roach hair barrettes! For some reason customers don't have the same enthusiasm about these that I do! But OMG how adorable!?!

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